Keckex Jespi 100% Chemical Free

Suitable for residential and commercial outdoor applications, Keckex Jespi uses 130 Degrees Celsius saturated steam under pressure to clean and sanitise against bacteria and viruses such as Coronavirus, influenza, common household bacteria, and germs.


It can also assist in the removal of:

·  Mould, Algae, and Grime

·  Chewing Gum

·  Bat and Bird Droppings

·  Tree Staining and Discolouration

·  Chemical Free Weed Control 


    • Self-driving and versatile
    • Self-sufficient in application
    • 100% Chemical Free
    • Water tank 450 l
    • Dry weight ca. 400 kg
    • L 240 cm / B 80 cm / H 130 cmL

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Mobile: 0428 582 195
Post: PO Box 2263, Idalia Q 4811


28 Camuglia Street,
Garbutt Townsville 4814
QLD Australia
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