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What to consider before buying a portable building.

So, you are looking to purchase a portable building to use as your shed/site office/storage/granny flat/yoga studio/holiday cabin. (Probably not all at the one time, we know, but it’s great to have options!)

There are a few things to consider before you purchase your portable building. Get it right, and this will be a great asset to have. Move it with you each time you move, or sell it for a return. (Portable buildings are in hot demand on re-selling sites like Gumtree and Ebay.)


What do you need the building for? Think about what purpose it needs to serve today, and in a few years’ time if your purpose is short term. Will it need a kitchenette and bathroom? Lots of natural light for an art studio? A meeting table for the whole team? The purpose (and location) will determine the size and style of building you will need.


Think about where your building will be located, how and from which side you will need to access it. There are standard portable building sizes, but also options that can be customised to exactly what you need.


North Queensland is great place to live, but a harsh place for a building. Anything we build here in the north needs to use durable paint, that won’t fade or deteriorate. Our structures need to be tough, so the building isn’t blown away or ripped apart in a cyclone. Make sure your portable building stacks up, and includes a warranty. The best way, is to use a local supplier familiar with building codes and standards.

Building permit

Most local councils will require you to obtain a building permit before you locate a portable building on your property. This includes garages, car ports, storage containers, pergolas, fences and even lawn lockers. You will need to get your permit from a private building certifier. Once you’ve determined your design, we can put you in contact with a certifier.

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